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Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?


This week we will dedicate our Morning Coffee Thoughts section on quotes on coffee. Coffee is one of the most traded commodities on the financial markets. Many people around the world love the beverage and cannot start their day with the divine beverage.

The love of coffee made me do a simple research on:

How good is coffee for you?

According to MD Mark Hyman’s article Ten Reasons to Quit Coffee(1) , coffee leads to an increase of the stress hormones, makes our body’s reaction to blood sugar more difficult, is acidic and can cause digestive discomforts. Furthermore, people tend to develop an addiction to the beverage.

At the same time, an article posted by (2) states that coffee lowers the chances of diabetes, liver disease and liver cancer among other health benefits. Coffee is good for the heart and people who suffer from Parkinson’s the publication states.

How are we as consumers reacting to contrasting findings about coffee? A recent article in the (3) quotes data which shows that Americans are spending more on coffee but yet consumption is declining. Consumers in the U.S. tend to prefer capsulated coffee and high end coffee options which leads to the increased spending.

It is our personal responsibility to do more research on the topic and find out more if coffee can be bad for our health. Alkaline regime lovers will definitely know that coffee is acidic, with pH level of 4 (with 7 being neutral).

As far as my personal observations go, if you have a headache, it is better to skip the coffee that particular day as it will make your headache worse. Another useful advice is don’t drink it on an empty stomach and don’t drink too many coffees to the point that you start shaking.

This unscientific review of coffee concludes that there is no firm answer that coffee alone is bad for the health. However, remember to keep everything in moderation. If you can take coffee breaks from time to time that can also be beneficial to your body and prevent any potential dependences.

WARNING: This article is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult your doctor about your personal coffee consumption.

Sources Used:

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