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How Stress is Affecting Eating Habits


Have you ever heard a phrase “stress eating”? I believe everyone did. Everybody knows that stress affects a lot on what and how you eat, but not a long time ago scientists found an explanation how stress and eating habits are connected.

When you are stressed, there are two hormones that start releasing themselves: adrenalin and cortisol. Adrenalin is actually helping you to overcome your stress, no matter if it is short or long term. Cortisol does exactly the same thing but only in a case it is released in a right amount. If the amount of cortisol is not proper in your body, in cases when stress becomes chronic, it starts sending all sorts of signals to your brain, making your organism to go crazy. That is why cortisol is also called a stress hormone.

When you are under stress, different kinds of stress hormones start to release, causing energy to move around your body. So when cortisol is released, it starts its attempts to deliver more calories for your liver. In order to do that, your body is supposed to have excess calories, so they can be delivered to the liver. That is when your organism starts giving signals to your brain, asking for more calories – the fattest and the most calorie-laden food. Actually, it is not a big deal that you are craving for more calories for some time; it will just make you to overcome your stress. However, it might become a problem if you have a case of a chronic stress. Sometimes your body cannot stop releasing cortisol, making you craving for more and more food. This is how obesity or emotional eating begins.

However, you should not be scared of that. As soon as you understand what is actually happening to your body, it becomes much easier to abstain from food. Moreover, there is a variety of other methods to fight stress. Exercising and meditation are actually the best ways to overcome your stress and loose some extra kilograms. And do not forget! There are always your family and friends around you who would be glad to help you to fight your anxiety. The only thing you have you do is just to talk and share with your beloved ones!

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