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Is it time to detox?


Detoxification is a natural process of our bodies, which includes transformation or release of unwanted toxins. It is one of the main functions of our bodies, which is constantly interacting and collaborating with all other functions. So detoxifications is basically helping your body to get rid of unneeded toxins as well as decreasing the amount of toxins that we consume most of the time. Moreover, during the process of detoxification you have to support yourself with the nutrients in order to make your body function properly.

In fact, detoxification process has been practiced for centuries, starting with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, where they were trying to cleanse their bodies from inside. Actually, detoxification is a process of cleansing your blood, during which impurities are removed from the blood in the liver. Our bodies usually get rid of toxins through kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system.

You can start detox program simply by reducing an amount of sugar that you consume daily. That also includes honey and any artificial sweeteners. Some other nutritionists recommend starting your day with a glass of water with juice of a half of a lemon, since it promotes digestion. Furthermore, you have to do more sports, since it encourages circulation in the blood system as well as you have to visit the sauna more often, to sweat it all out. Drinking a lot of tea and eating organic food will also help you body to detox and feel much better. Another way to detox your body is to fast on liquids for at least two days, followed by a carefully planned 5-day detox diet.

There are plenty of advantages if you decide to start a detoxification program. First of all, the organs of your body will get a really good rest while fasting, as well as the circulation of your blood will improve. Moreover, your body will be refilled with healthy nutrients and the liver, which drives toxins out of the body, will be stimulated.

Most nutritionists suggest everybody to detox at least once a year. However, they claim that it might be dangerous for children, nursing mothers and people with chronic diseases. But overall, people on detox diets got incredible results afterwards.

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