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Ways to Manage Stress


Have you ever got a feeling like everything is just falling apart? Your work and family responsibilities are tearing you apart, and the bills are not stopping to come and there will never be more hours in a day? You might feel like there is nothing you can do about stress that was caused by all the problems and made your life unbearable. Actually you have more control over your stress than you think; there are ways that will help you to manage your stress.

There are various ways of treating stress. Some of the variants, for instance punching, screaming, beating, do not help much. However, either talking to your beloved ones or pursuing your hobbies, like playing various instruments, gardening, creating art, practicing yoga or meditating are proved to be beneficial. The worst way of dealing with stress is not deal with it at all, since it might lead to negative health consequences. Insomnia, high blood pressure, weaken immune system as well as muscle pain are the most common health conditions caused by stress.

Stress management is taking charge of your life: you have to learn how to manage your thoughts, emotions and your life in general. There are several steps, which will lead you to relief from stress. First of all, you should identify the source of stress in your life. Yes, it might be easy to determine what causes you to feel stressful, like overwhelming job or loosing your beloved one. However, it is way harder to pinpoint what causes you stress on a daily basis. For example, it might not be an overwhelming job that makes you anxious, but your procrastination with your work. Moreover, it is said that stress journal is really helpful in these cases. There you can write down what was the reason of your stress, how you felt about it, what was your response on it and what did you do to make you feel better.

You also have to give up on your bad habits, which help you to fight with stress, as you think. Smoking, drinking too much, sleeping too much, eating junk food might be comforting, but t does not mean that these ways will help you to cope with anxiety. Instead of it, try to become more active and to do more exercising. It does not mean that you have to hit the gym like crazy, but taking your dog for a walk, play table tennis with your friend and etc. should be perfect for you to get better. Regular exercises (couple of times per week) will help you to fight with stress as well, just find the activity that you enjoy the most.

Furthermore, you should not stay away from your family and friends. It will be very calming to your nervous system to talk to the one who feels and understands you, with whom you feel safe. Social activity is one of the fastest ways to get you out of stress. Invite your colleague to have a lunch together, invite your friends to the movie, call your beloved ones regularly or meet new people by joining a club of your interest. Your vulnerability to stress grows, if you are more isolated and lonely than sociable. If you are regularly having some fun during the day, you will be able to handle your stress in a better way.

In addition to exercising, you can try to have a healthier life style, since it will increase your resistance to stress. Reduce an amount of sugar and caffeine that you are consuming on a daily basis, say no to alcohol and cigarettes, try to eat healthy food and try get enough sleep. With some time you will notice how beneficial those changes were for you, how much happier you have become.

These ways to fight stress are not magical – you can easily do those things as well. The hardest part is to start the journey out of stress, but once you started you will feel the changes. And it is so good to feel no stress in your life!

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