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The Joy and Choice of Having 3 Children


The old wives tale is that the hardest jump is from going from having 1 child to having 2 children. Having 3 children can be even more challenging but there are numerous benefits of having a bigger family.

Families with 3 children seemed to be the standard. I have personally always dreamt of having 3 kids. If you are looking for articles and blog posts on the topic you are probably considering going for the challenge. No matter how challenging it can, and will get, it is all worth it.

Based on personal experience for the past months I can share my top challenges and joys of having 3 little munchkins.

Top 5 challenges

Driving and travelling with the kids – My husband and I like to travel a lot. Our first trip with all 3 kids was close to a disaster and it was ABROAD! When you are driving on a highway with 3 children in the back seat and the baby starts crying all you can do is ask your oldest one for more information on the baby. You end up taking constant stops. The car is full to the top and imagine having 3 car seats at the back of the car.

Packing for 3 kids and booking vacations – Booking vacations for a family of four could be expensive. Most offers seem to be excellent for 2 adults but with an expanded brood the options get to a point where you have to book two separate rooms or an entire apartment. In case you book 2 separate rooms you and your significant other end up staying separately. Not the ideal vacation indeed. No longer can suitcases be used and trash bags become handy so that all the luggage fits in one car (including the baby travel gear, a stroller, a travel crib, a sterilizer, etc.).

Taking initiative in terms of your personal development – Juggling work with 3 kids can be challenging. I personally know mothers who had jobs in the management level and went to working half time so that they could juggle children and work. I have not heard of many mothers who are eager to go to a grad school once they have 3 children or start a business right away or ask for a raise. As women and mothers we tend to put our children and families as a higher priority than our own personal development.

Personal time with each child – The ability to pay enough attention to each individual kid is what worries many parents, even those who are in a stable financial situation. You may be able to pay for a private school and a nanny but you only have 24 hours in a day. Spending time with each child can be challenging at times but is extremely significant for the children’s development and well-being.

Finding a babysitter/ nanny – Reliable and professional babysitters can be hard to find in general. For parents of 3, it is even more challenging as many babysitters are not eager to take care of that many children at once. As mothers we understand how challenging it can be so we cannot blame them. Accept the fact that after your 3rd child arrives finding a reliable babysitter will be the one of the biggest challenges.

Let’s look at the bright side of life OR

Top 5 perks

You receive 3 times the love – Our family feels complete after the arrival of our beautiful baby girl. There are no words that can describe the feeling of pride, joy and satisfaction when you are raising 3 little angels.

Children can share clothes, shoes and toys – There is economies of scale when you have same sex children. Since you parent three kids at least two of them will be same sex and can you use clothes and shoes from the older one(s). Whenever I buy clothes if they are more expensive I make sure that both boys can wear the item and that justifies the purchase.

Older children will be helping with the baby – Babies are so sweet and their siblings would love the latest addition in the family. Not only the older siblings will be offering their help for diaper changes and bottle feedings but also the fact that they can be of help makes them feel grown up as well.

You become more organized – As parents we teach our children all kinds of lessons. Once you have 3 children you notice that they teach you to be more organized than ever. Remember being late for all appointments when you had your first? Once you reach the 3rd child the issue of being late becomes a thing of the past. I am pleasantly surprised that the chaos is over. There is a logical explanation as you must match 3 different schedules plus your own and make sure that they work.

Last but not the least, getting back in shape post baby – Getting back in shape after your 3rd baby is a piece of cake. Obviously, you would have to take care of the 2 children you already have and a baby. With so many responsibilities and so little sleep you will be back in your regular clothes before you know it.

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