To all working moms, mom entrepreneurs and all the women who search for the balance between family life and a career.


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Most of the working moms were judged at least once in their lives about the fact that they are not dedicating enough time to their family and children in particular. But do you think it is really true? In fact, the researches show that work does not bring any damage for families; moreover it can even be beneficial for kids.

First of all, working mothers raise more independent kids. Since mother has to spend time at work, kids have to make some of decisions for themselves. And the main advantage of that is that these kids will be more responsible and active in their adulthood. Working mother also becomes a role model for her kids. It is a really example for girls to become more ambitious about their future careers, as well it shows boys that women can also become successful at work. Moreover, working mothers are paying more attention to their kids, while spending time with them, since they appreciate this time more, than mothers who spend 24 hours per day with their kids.

The University College of London discovered that kids are not getting emotionally deprived, if their mothers have jobs.(1) The right thing that you have to do, is to find the balance, as well as right amount of hours you spend with your kid. Moreover, the research of 1960 proved that working moms’ kids do not suffer from behavioral problems. On the contrary, the studies show that these kids are better behaved than the stay-at-home moms’ kids. (2)

However, there are benefits not only for kids, but for working mothers as well. For instance, working mother is less prone to the depression, than the ones who are staying at home. And of course, it is not beneficial for children to have depressed parents. Working mothers tend to be happier in their relationships. First of all, fathers participate more in household care, since he is sharing household duties with his working wife. Second of all, workingwomen feel themselves more complete and fulfilled, since they have other life, besides family.

So being a working mother is not a shameful or bad title. There are plenty of points, from which both mothers and their kids benefit a lot. Good job, working mothers!


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