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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Home Office


As more and more professionals are looking for better conditions at work, trying to achieve work – family balance, a lot of companies have adopted flexible policies at their workplaces, allowing their employees to work from home. A lot of employees are writing how great it is to work online. But is it actually true? Let’s have a look on both advantages and disadvantages of a home office.

First of all, home office reduces the cost of getting to work, since you do not have to pay for transportation, taxi, fuel or parking. Working at home, you do not have any distractions; there is no noise or any unnecessary interruptions. It is also very beneficial for employers, since they will have smaller office to pay rent for. Moreover, remote working will give you less stress, as you will not meet any unfriendly coworkers as well as there will not be any negative environment around you. Therefore, you will become more productive, since there will be much less stressful situations. Another benefit that you get working remotely is that you do not have to think of where you can take your elderly child while you are at work. However, it is not recommended to take care of your infants, since you will get too many distractions while working at home, so it s better to hire a nanny.

On the other hand remote work has it minuses. Communication, for example, might become a very big issue, if it is not done correctly. Every question, answer, any important issue will be solved only after some time, since you cannot immediately enter your colleague’s office and have a conversation. However, there are plenty of different applications and management tools that help you dealing with that kind of problems. Moreover, domestic distractions or interruptions might appear as well, so it is important let your family to understand that while you are working you cannot be disturbed. It is highly essential to know how to draw a line between family and work duties. Since work is a place where you meet people and communicate with them, there is a chance that you might feel lonely or even get depressed, as you will not have that constant communication to which you got used to.

Since home office is a new trend, there are plenty of arguments for and against it, as well as there are plenty of companies who succeeded and failed. With the right strategy and right organization there is a big chance that you will succeed with working remotely.

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